Spelling Bee Cast Announcement

Spelling Bee Cast Announcement
Rise Above is thrilled to announce the cast, crew, and creative team for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! This show will run October 15-17 & 22-24.


Rona Lisa Peretti: Kasey Morgan
Vice Principal Panch: Ocean Bruinius
Mitch Mahoney: Briana Wilder
Olive Ostrovsky: Alyssa Baker
Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere: Leena Jarrar
Marcy Park: Kylee Worth
Chip Tolentino: Fed Hradek
Leaf Coneybear: Evie Cantalamessa
William Barfée: Zach Thompson
Swing (Panch, Rona, Chip): Bella Dorsett
Swing (Logainne, Barfee, Leaf): Alanna Bray
Swing (Olive, Marcy, Mitch): Hailey Balzan


***we will not be adhering to the traditional doubling for the smaller roles (ie. Olive’s Parents, Logainne’s Dads, etc.). These parts will be assigned amongst the cast listed above at a later date.***


Creative Team:
Artistic Director: Jacob Ruscoe
Director/Choreographer: Rachael Henry Johnson
Music Director: Luke Manuel
Assistant Director: Kayla Cinelli
Assistant Musical Director: Annika Trout
Stage Manager: Ava Pickens
Technical Director: JB Tomlin
Lighting Designer: Ethan Fuhrmeister
Development Coordinator: Krista Baker
Publications Manager: Ana Stephenson
Assistant Stage Manager: Kieran Herman
Backstage Manager: Brooke Palmtag
Props Manager: Angelina Jacobson
Costume Support: Brynn Raymond, Kate Mobley-Tarpley
Backstage Crew: Ava Johnson, Autumn Ruscoe
Ushers & 50/50: Brooke Palmtag, Angelina Jacobson, Kate Mobley-Tarpley, Brynn Raymond, Naomi Yamada, Ava Johnson, Autumn Ruscoe

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