The Little Mermaid Cast Announcement

Rise Above is thrilled to announce the cast, crew and creative team for “The Little Mermaid”. This amazing production will run May 13-16 and 20-23. Tickets will be limited to 50% capacity so be sure to get yours today at https://riseabovearts.com/upcoming-events/.


Ariel – Emily Mollin
Understudy: Caroline Russell

Prince Eric – Cameron Cabral
Understudy: TBD

Ursula – Kasey Morgan
Understudy: Julia Beatt

Sebastian – Yoshi Wilson
Understudy: Novella Marshall

Scuttle – Kayla Cinelli
Understudy: Jackson Mitchell

Flounder – Autumn Ruscoe
Understudy: Julia Perkins

King Triton – Joel Leonard
Understudy: TBD

Flotsam – Larah Diaz
Understudy: Nella Duty

Jetsam – Brianna Connelly
Understudy: Ava Griner

Grimsby – Addison Ruscoe
Understudy: Jayden Delhomme

Chef Louis – Kenneth McNiven
Understudy: Jude Demaio

Aquata – Kylee Worth

Arista – Julia Beatt

Adella – Zoey Zagst

Atina – Evie Cantalamessa

Adrina – Ava Pickens

Alanna – Briana Wilder

Mersister Swings –  Tylee Giorgio, Vitoria Rezende, Naomi Yamada

Pilot: Jackson Mitchell

Windward – William Hahn

Princesses – Kylee Worth, Julia Beatt, Zoey Zagst, Evie Cantalamessa, Ava Pickens, Briana Wilder

Featured Dancers – Arianna Connelly, Ava Johnson, Novella Marshall, Brynn Raymond, Vitoria Rezende, Caroline Russell, Alexa Scharf, Rachel Scharf

Maids – Alanna Bray, Ava Griner, Julia Perkins, Brynn Raymond

Gulls – Tylee Giorgio, Novella Marshall, Jackson Mitchell, Vitoria Rezende, Caroline Russell, Naomi Yamada

Sailors – Joseph Delgado, Jayden Delhomme, Jude DeMaio, Kate Gingras, Lily Greene, William Hahn, Drew Light, Sofia Scheck, Trenton Tesar, Joseph Tricarico

Chefs – Abigail Clark, Nella Duty, Mairead Farrelly, Lily Greene, Katie Rogers, Gaby Suchan, Olivia Vafeas

Sea Creatures – ALL ensemble and Mersisters

Creative Team

Artistic Director – Jacob Ruscoe

Music Director – Joi Chapman

Choreographer – Rachael Johnson

Technical Director – JB Tomlin

Assistant Music Director – Emma Goldberg

Stage Manager – Annika Trout

Dance Captains – TBD

Lighting Designer – Ethan Fuhrmeister

Development Coordinator – Krista Baker

Publications Manager – Ana Stephenson



Backstage Manager – Bridget Carly Marsh

Assistant Stage Manager – Mekhi Jones

Costume Manager – Aubrey Solum

Assistant Costume Manager – Leena Jarrar

Assistant Lighting Designer – Seger Zagst

Projections – Isabella Yoder

Prop Manager – Angelina Jacobson

Backstage Crew/Ushers/ 50-50 – Anya Burtak, Kalina Ernst, Liam Demaio, Keira Lemon, Sophia Moore

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