Spelling Bee Cast Announcement

Rise Above is thrilled to announce the cast, crew, and creative team for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! This show will run October 15-17 & 22-24.




Rona Lisa Peretti: Kasey Morgan


Vice Principal Panch: Ocean Bruinius


Mitch Mahoney: Briana Wilder


Olive Ostrovsky: Alyssa Baker


Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere: Leena Jarrar


Marcy Park: Kylee Worth


Chip Tolentino: Fed Hradek


Leaf Coneybear: Evie Cantalamessa


William Barfée: Zach Thompson


Swing (Panch, Rona, Chip): Bella Dorsett


Swing (Logainne, Barfee, Leaf): Alanna Bray


Swing (Olive, Marcy, Mitch): Hailey Balzan


***we will not be adhering to the traditional doubling for the smaller roles (ie. Olive’s Parents, Logainne’s Dads, etc.). These parts will be assigned amongst the cast listed above at a later date.***


Creative Team:


Artistic Director: Jacob Ruscoe


Director/Choreographer: Rachael Henry Johnson


Music Director: Krista Benson


Assistant Director: Kayla Cinelli


Assistant Musical Director: Annika Trout


Stage Manager: Ava Pickens


Technical Director: JB Tomlin


Lighting Designer: Ethan Fuhrmeister


Development Coordinator: Krista Baker


Publications Manager: Ana Stephenson




Assistant Stage Manager: Kieran Herman


Backstage Manager: Brooke Palmtag


Props Manager: Angelina Jacobson


Costume Support: Brynn Raymond, Kate Mobley-Tarpley


Backstage Crew: Ava Johnson, Autumn Ruscoe


Ushers & 50/50: Brooke Palmtag, Angelina Jacobson, Kate Mobley-Tarpley, Brynn Raymond, Naomi Yamada, Ava Johnson, Autumn Ruscoe

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