What an Experience

Rise Above donated time and resources to help produce one magical show. This incredible production was seen by over 2,000 fascinated patrons who watched this classic tale be portrayed in ways never seen before. Rise Above actors Addison, and Alyssa were all seen in lead roles that mesmerized the audience at every turn. One theatre attendee, […]

One Wild and Crazy Musical

The Rise Above team was hard at work again dedicating their time to make another musical dream come to reality. This incredible production was a monumental undertaking complete with a 50 foot multi leveled platform and some of the craziest props you could ever imagine. Over 1,700 people left our production simply amazed from the wonderful world […]

Rise Above It All

Rise Above has been in the works for years. Taking a vision that excellence can exist in everything you do combined with an understanding that people rarely expect that excellence to occur made our decision an easy one. Rise Above is just that – it is a cut above what you have come to expect. […]
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