We would like to see the following performers for callbacks at the time specified below. PLEASE note that not receiving a callback does not mean we are not considering you for the show.

If you are called back, please prepare:

1) A section of a song from “Carrie” to perform that the character you are called back for sings. If you have a specific track you want us to play for you please email it to Jacob@riseabovearts.com. If you are called back for 2 different type of roles you should prepare 2 songs. For example, if you are called back for Carrie and Sue you need two songs. If you are called back for Margaret/Miss Gardner you only need one. (The word “and” will represent the need for 2 songs but a slash / will represent one song)

2) Perform a 30-60 second acting piece that best represents your character. It may be lines from the show or something you create.

Please be ON TIME and wait outside until we come get you. Break a Leg!

6:00 – Lily Plank (Margaret/Miss Gardner)
6:10 – Briana Wilder (Margaret/Miss Gardner)
6:20 – Nicole Parisi (Margaret/Miss Gardner)
6:30 – Kasey Morgan (Margaret/Miss Gardner)
6:40 – Brynn Partee (Margaret/Miss Gardner)
6:50 – Gigi Spagnolo (Sue)
7:00 – Leena Jarrar (Sue)
7:10 – Ava Pickens (Sue)
7:20 – Kayliana Cristello (Chris)
7:30 – Anabelle Dorsett (Chris)
7:40 – Bridget Marsh (Chris and Sue)
7:55 – Vivianna Coppa (Carrie and Chris)
8:10 – Sophia Moore (Carrie)
8:20 – Brianna Connelly (Carrie and Sue)
8:35 – Bella Yoder (Carrie)

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