We are so excited that you are interested in auditioning for one of our productions.

Our audition information is regularly updated and ranges from musical productions to dramatic plays as well as unique performance opportunities that will stretch and showcase your unique talents and abilities.

Actors should come to auditions prepared with:

  • A Current Headshot
  • Resume
  • Musical Number 16-32 measures (Sheet Music Please)
  • Monologue (not to exceed 3 minutes in length)
  • If you are auditioning for School of Rock and are interested in a role requiring the playing of an instrument, then you will also have an instrument audition as well.

Please contact us to secure your audition slot. Auditions will be held at 5300 Colonial Oaks Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34232

Auditions for Season 4 are as follows:

School of Rock – Character descriptions below
May 18 9:00am-4:00pm

Dewey Finn

A wannabe rock star with big dreams, Dewey finds himself in urgent need of some cash after getting kicked out of his band. He impersonates a teacher to land a job at the prestigious Horace Green prep school, where he turns his class of straight-A students into a rock group and enters them in the Battle of the Bands.

Rosalie Mullins

Proper and a bit uptight, Rosalie is the headmistress of Horace Green School. She has a secret love of rock music, and yearns to recapture the carefree spirit of her youth.

Ned Schneebly

Ned is an old friend of Dewey’s, and the two currently share a flat with Ned’s girlfriend Patti. He used to play in Dewey’s band, but is now a substitute teacher – who Dewey impersonates to get the job at Horace Green. Ned is still passionate about his music, but tends to let his bossy girlfriend Patti tell him what to do.

Patti Di Marco

Ned’s domineering girlfriend, who lives with Ned and Dewey. She calls the shots in their relationship, and isn’t too happy about Dewey’s presence in their flat – or his influence on Ned.


Confident and outspoken, Summer is the ideal manager for the band. Ambitious and very clever, she hopes that winning Battle of the Bands will look good on her college application.


Zack is the band’s lead guitarist and also a talented songwriter. He desperately wants to impress his father, who’s usually too busy with work to take an interest in his family.


New girl Tomika is struggling to fit in at Horace Green. She conquers her shyness to reveal her phenomenal singing ability, and becomes a lead vocalist alongside Dewey in the band.


Awkward and lacking in confidence, Lawrence is hesitant to attempt something “cool”, like joining a band, but he soon turns out to be a fantastic keyboardist.


Quiet and serious, Katie already played the cello, but switched to bass at Dewey’s suggestion to fill out the band.


Freddie loves a bit of rowdiness and noise, making him a great drummer. His own father doesn’t see his ability, constantly belittling his son.

Marcy and Shonelle

Quiet girls with angelic voices, Marcy and Shonelle are the band’s backup singers and dancers.


Mason is a total whiz with technology, and creates special effects and fantastic lighting designs for the band’s performances using his laptop


Flamboyant and artistic, Billy has a passionate interest in fashion, even though his father wants him to be a footballer like the other men in his family. He designs the band’s costumes.


James is tough and reliable, making him a good security guard for the band. Mostly, he keeps an out for anyone coming while the band are secretly rehearsing!


Sophie is technically the band’s roadie, but also serves as a backup dancer during performances


West Side Story – Character descriptions below
September 21 9:00am-4:00pm




Handsome, sandy-haired (Polish), older teen-ager, who has outgrown the Jets; tenor.


Glowing, driving, intelligent, slightly wacky leader of the Jets; tenor.


Lieutenant to Riff, big, slow, steady; baritone.

Baby John:

Youngest member of the Jets, awed at everything, even being a Jet;
tries to act like a big man, but is vulnerable; baritone.


Small of stature, enjoys everything, takes nothing seriously, unaware, can be explosive; baritone.       


Most aggressive member of the Jets, a cat-like ball of fury; baritone.


Bespectacled, self-styled expert; baritone.  


Depending on cast needs, several other Jets may be cast; tenor and baritone.


Their Girls:


Scrawny teen-aged girl, pathetically dressed to imitate the Jets, and wants desperately to be taken seriously by them.       


Riff’s girlfriend, young, slithery, sexy, lost in a world of jive.      


Girlfriend of Diesel, impressed with herself.  


Depending on cast needs, several other Jet girls may be cast.




Handsome, proud, fluid leader of the Sharks, with a sardonic chip on his shoulder; baritone.       


Shy, gentle, sweet-faced young boy, the intended husband of Maria; baritone.           


Lieutenant to Bernardo, typically proud, and resentful of discrimination; baritone.       


Typically proud, and resentful of discrimination; baritone.         


Typically proud, and resentful of discrimination; baritone.           


Typically proud, and resentful of discrimination; baritone.


Typically proud, and resentful of discrimination; baritone.


Depending on cast needs, several other Sharks may be cast; tenor and baritone.


Their Girls:


Lovely young and obedient immigrant Puerto Rican girl, excited and enthusiastic about her new life in America, but with
stubborn inner strength that allows her to evolve into a strong woman; soprano.        


Older and wiser in the ways of the world, flashy, sharp-tongued, and with a knowing sexuality; alto/mezzo-soprano..     


Tough, young Puerto Rican girl with bleach blond hair and lots of baubles; mezzo-soprano.     


Young Puerto Rican girl, more demure, not too bright; mezzo-soprano.        


Depending on cast needs, several other Shark girls may be cast; mezzo-soprano.


The Adults:   


Middle-aged drug store owner, tired and worn out.       

Lieutenant Schrank:

Plainclothes policeman used to being in charge, superficially pleasant to cover his venom, fear, and bigotry.      

Officer Krupke:

A not-too-bright street cop.        

Glad Hand:

Nerdy, overly cheerful and ill-equipped social director at the local gym dance.


Bring It On – Character descriptions below
December 14 9:00am-4:00pm



A senior head cheerleader whose world gets turned upside-down when she transfers schools. She is constantly working towards the goal of a championship and her “one perfect moment”. After using her friends to exact revenge, she realizes that friendship is much more lasting than a trophy.


The head of the Jackson dance crew. She has fought her way from nothing to make a name for herself, which leads her to not put a lot of stock into people like Campbell. But she has a tendency to bring down her walls and embrace a true friendship.


One of the Jackson dance crew. Not the sharpest person on the squad, but is loud enough to make up for it.


Jackson’s school DJ, mellow and friendly. A true Cinderella story, working his way from a dorky freshman to a smooth senior. He becomes attracted to Campbell for her heart, bravery, and determination.

La CienegaA transgender woman. Any ethnicity. Her gender is simply not an issue, accepted by her friends, barely referred to. BFFs with Nautica and Danielle. Has a wicked tongue but a generous spirit.


The only male cheerleader on the Buccaneers and Campbell’s boyfriend. Tender and comforting, but not the most adept to his surroundings.


One of the Buccaneers cheerleaders. An extremely loyal follower of Skylar who keeps her intelligence hidden under a bushel.


Campbell’s neighbor and the newest member of the Buccaneers cheerleaders. Her initial impression is one of naiveté and meekness. But she proves to be a social climber who schemes to take over Campbell’s life at any cost.


One of the Jackson students and a hip-hop artist. His hormones make him lust after Bridget.


The mascot for the Buccaneers. Nerdy and out of shape, but she strives for a place on the cheerleading team. Despite being an outcast, she has a good heart and a great spirit.


One of the senior Buccaneers cheerleaders. Her popularity has given her quite the mean streak, though she does not have the brains to make up for it.


One of the Jackson students, a hip-hop artist. A combination class clown and attempted ladies’ man, but he strives for fame and fortune.





Truman Squad (Steven); Goths; Jackson Students (Carter, Brooklyn); Singer


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