We are so excited that you are interested in auditioning for one of our productions.

Our audition information is regularly updated and ranges from musical productions to dramatic plays as well as unique performance opportunities that will stretch and showcase your unique talents and abilities.

Actors should come to auditions prepared with:

  • A Current Headshot
  • Resume
  • Musical Number 16-32 measures (Sheet Music Please)
  • Monologue (not to exceed 3 minutes in length)

Please contact us to secure your audition slot

Auditions for Narnia will be held Saturday, January 6

Character Breakdown (Actors of ALL ages are encouraged to audition however due to the high number of youth roles, adults auditioning MUST enjoy and want to work with younger actors)


The great lion of Narnia, Must be physically fit

Gender: male

White Witch:

The evil Queen of Narnia

Gender: female

Peter Pevensie:

The oldest child, becomes leader, king

Gender: male Age: 12-16

Susan Pevensie:

Peter’s oldest sister, strong and determined

Gender: female Age: 12-15

Edmund Pevensie:

Younger brother, bratty and annoying

Gender: male Age: 12-14

Lucy Pevensie:

Youngest sister, full of life and imagination

Gender: female Age: 8-11

Professor/Father Christmas:

Childrens’ uncle and Santa Claus

Gender: male

Mrs. Macready:

Housekeeper at the Manor

Gender: Female

Mr. Beaver:

Strong comedic actor, Cockney accent

Gender: male

Mrs. Beaver:

Strong comedic actor, Cockney accent

Gender: female


Minon of the White Witch

Gender: either

Fenris Ulf:

Head of the Witch’s secret police

Gender: either


The Faun, meek, but torn between good and evil

Gender: either

White Stag:

Strong Dancer, Ballet a MUST

Gender: female


Looking for 15-20 actors to portray the Creatures of Narnia and Witch’s Army

Gender: either