Narnia Cast Announcement

Rise Above is thrilled to bring you Narnia! This magical tale will leave you spellbound with its magnificent choreography and dazzling music. Wet: are pleased to announce our amazing cast:

Aslan – Zachary Thompson
White Witch – Lexi Lowther
Peter – Ryan Modjeski
Susan – Annika Trout
Edmund – Tyler Gevas
Lucy – Autumn Ruscoe
Mr. Beaver – Auggie Toynton
Mrs. Beaver – Lily Plank
Tumnus – Alexa Ziff
White Stag – Olivia Fontaine
Black Stag – Shannon McNiven
Spring Dancer – Aubrey Solum
Dwarf – Ava Griner
Fenris Ulf – Mackenzie O’Connor
Professor – Owen Demaio
Father Christmas – Kenneth McNiven
Mrs. McCready – Malainey Potts
Mother – Briana Wilder

Witch’s Army: Alyssa Baker, Madison Campbell, Evie Cantalamessa, Alexis Chaulsett, Sarah Conte, Owen Demaio, Cooper Flerlage, Roxy Gevas, Kai Maurice, Kenneth McNiven, Kyle Ramon, Haylie Smith, Shaelyn Walters, Briana Wilder, Randilyn Wilson

Aslan’s Followers: Mia Albuerne, Isabella Delima, Amelia Hilton, Leena Jarrar, Olivia Milholland, Jackson Mitchell, Mikayla Partee, Malainey Potts, Dylan Ramon, Addison Ruscoe, Caroline Russell, Yoshi Wilson, Kylee Worth, Naomi Yamada, Tiffany Yu

Narnia runs April 26-29. Buy your tickets today by clicking here


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