Grease Cast Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce our cast for Grease! Thank you to everyone who auditioned. This exciting show will run January 18-21. Get your tickets today by clicking here.

Danny – Jonah Duchesne-Shaw

Sandy – Taylor Reister

Kenickie – Stevie Romero

Rizzo – Sarah Conte

Marty – Emily Mollin

Frenchy – Leah Henry

Patty – Olivia Milholland

Roger – Todd Bellamy II

Doody – Anthony Lobo

Sonny – Nicolas Palacio

Jan – Brynn Partee

Cha-Cha – Kate Mobley-Tarpley

Vince – Drew Miller

Johnny – Yeoshua Wilson

Teen Angel – Dylan Ramon

Eugene – TBA

Miss Lynch – Johanna Studebaker

Swings – Bryn Dulitz, Kansas Reed, Annika Trout, Cooper Flerlage, Zach Thompson

Students of Rydell High – Lexi Lowther, Kenneth McNiven, Emely Fernandez, Lily Plank, Sydney Storck, Madelyn Lostorto, Aubrey Solum, Alex Haggard, Briana Wilder, Shayla White, Abby Telinger, Alyssa Baker, Haylie Smith, Addisen Pennella, Caroline Russell, Mackenzie O’Connor, Nicole Parisi




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